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Outdoor Learning

" The best classroom and richest cupboard is roofed only by the sky" Margaret Macmillan (1919)

Welcome to our Learning Through Nature page.  Please feel free to download the activity sheets in the menu on the left hand side.



Learning Through Nature


To allow children to take initiative to play and to use their imagination


To provide opportunities for children to be physically active and to deal with taking risks and knowing their own limitations


To have fun and to encourage a healthy active lifestyle


To build stamina


To build social and co-operative skills


To develop language through doing, through having something to talk about, through need to negotiate


To use thinking and talking to solve problems


To gain greater knowledge and understanding of the natural world


To gain appreciation of conserving our natural world


Observations indicate that children show:


Confidence and skills - children know about safety in the enviroment, they know their own capabilities and limitations, set themselves challenges but are aware when they must use caution.  They are not afraid to try something new.


Good co-ordination - develop co-ordination skills and be physically competent and agile 


High self-esteem with a positive self-image - make own choices; they explore their environment deciding what to do when and how to do it


More Language - they use language more; they have something to talk about and develop a richer, wider vocabulary 


Good social skills - they negotiate and organise themselves; have time to work together, debate, plan, design and construct as well as time to observe each other


Independence - develop good problem solving and creativity skills; find their own resources in the environment; they are creative and imaginative and explore using all their senses


High levels of involvement - they remain focused


Good observation skills - children learn from each other; comment on what they see, touch and smell    


In 2017 we opened our new Learning Through Nature area called  "Woodside".


The Centre secured funding of £12,000 from the Tesco Bags of Help scheme to create Woodside, a space used to allow children to gain a greater knowledge and understanding of the natural world.


Our gardener Moira Rusbridge designed the space with previous Head of Centre Diana Heath and the Senior Management Team.  The project included removing an old shed and building a new wooden shelter on the site, re-fencing, planting, laying turf and decking an area. Natural materials such as willow tunnels and bug hotels will be incorporated on the site.


Local builders Bowood Landscapes Ltd were the chosen contractors and made use of interesting additional materials which would otherwise have been disposed of - for example rubber playground tiles from another school refurbishment, hazel rods left over from garden maintenance work and various fixing and surplus bricks they had left at their yard.

Another local building and timber suppliers, Buildbase, also gave a generous discount on materials for the decking which allowed the funding to stretch further.


The area provides opportunities for the children to be physically active, learn about nature by hunting for mini beasts and foraging, experience cooking over an open fire pit and develop storytelling and listening skills.



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