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Home Learning Week 11, 12 and 13

We'd love to see which activities you've tried and what you've been up to - don't forget to upload your photos and videos to Tapestry!

Norcot Seaside Songs Concert
Norcot Seaside Songs Concert.mp4
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Here are some craft ideas for coral to help inspire you with your creative work today! I love the twisted pipe cleaner coral - this is great for developing fine motor skills and would look wonderful in an ocean scene with some of the sea animals you have learnt about over the last few weeks! Don't forget to share your work on tapestry for us to see.

Coral reefs are known as the "rainforests of the sea." They are home to a quarter if all marine life. Corals are actually animals. not plants. If you find a broken piece of coral on the beach, you can see its hard shell, which is actually an animal called a polyp. It is the cluster of these polyps growing together that gives coral reefs their shape. The Great Barrier Reef in Australia is the largest coral reef and can be seen from space!

Have fun learning about coral today!

 Today is our last day thinking about oceans! We are learning about coral and thinking about pollution of our oceans and how we can help to keep our oceans healthy. I am really lucky to have been able to see the wonderful coloured coral in the Great Barrier Reef! I wonder what colours you can spot? What sort of coral is your favourite? Look at the different shapes and sizes of coral.

Whale Tales with Zoe
Whale Tales with Zoe.mp4
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Here are some craft ideas for whales. I wonder what you could use at home to make your own whale? Will you make a big model using a box or a small model from an egg box? I like the idea of the pop up whale card for you to make for your daddies for fathers' day!

Here are some interesting facts about whales. Did you know they can swim up to 30 miles an hour!! An elephant weighs less than a blue whales tongue! What do you notice when you look at the whales? Can you find their eyes and mouth? How do you think they move in the ocean?

Today we are looking at the giants of the ocean and thinking about whales! Whales are the biggest mammals to have lived on earth, they can be bigger than the largest dinosaur known to have lived! Fun fact; Millions of years ago it is believed that whales probably walked on land!

Although whales are one of the largest animals in the ocean that feed on some of the smallest marine life – little tiny shrimp called krill

Have a lovely day ?

Storytime with Ellie - The Singing Mermaid
Storytime with Ellie - The Singing Merma[...]
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Singing with Zoe - There's a Hole in the Bottom of the Sea
Singing with Zoe - There's a Hole in the[...]
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Some interesting facts about Rays. I wonder if you can draw or make your own Ray? Look at its big flat body and long tail. Rays have spines on their tail to protect themselves.

I have learnt that the Oceanic Manta Ray is the largest Ray with up to a 7 metre wing span and the smallest Ray is the Short Nose Electric Ray, which is just 10 centimetres in wing span! Don't forget to show us what you have been learning at home. We love to see your work on tapestry!

Some craft ideas for you! Can you make a colourful patterned Ray? Perhaps you could make your own aquarium with lots of different sea creatures? You could find pebbles in the garden and paint as different sea animals to play with?

Today we are continuing our ocean theme and thinking about the different types of Rays that live in the ocean. Did you know that Manta rays feed on plankton and small sea animals.Other rays will also eat small fish. Rays and skates are closely related to sharks! I wonder which one you like best? Have you noticed some have spotty patterns? What else can you see?

Storytime with Ellie - Somebody Swallowed Stanley
Storytime with Ellie - Somebody Swallowe[...]
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I wonder what fun facts you can find out about starfish? I have learnt that starfish have eyes on the end of each arm! Maybe you could make your own starfish fact book and get somebody in your home to help you to write down your ideas as you draw?

Super spikey starfish!

I wonder if you can make your own starfish? I wonder what you might use? Think about how many arms you want to give your starfish and what colours you might like it to be.

Today we are learning about starfish (sea stars). Can you count how many arms they have? Which is your favourite colour? Did you know that starfish do not have a brain or blood? Starfish can do something amazing - if a starfish happens to lose an arm it can regrow it over several months! I wonder what starfish is your favourite?

 I thought I would share this amazing video of turtles with you, as today the World Wildlife Fund celebrate “World Sea Turtle Day.” Did you know sea turtles have been in our oceans for over 100 million years? They can swim thousands of kilometres to find food, but female turtles return to the same location to lay their eggs. Male turtles do not return to land once they are fully grown. The smallest sea turtle is about 70 cm long and up to 40 kg in weight, whilst the biggest can reach up to 180 cm and 500 kg in weight! Click here to see the video.

Storytime with Karen - The Fish who could Wish
Storytime with Karen - The Fish who coul[...]
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Phonics with Zoe - P and N
Phonics with Zoe - P and N.mp4
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I wonder if you would like to try some of these lovely craft activities Ellie has sent over? Perhaps you could make your own model, a collage, a painting or a drawing of a dolphin? We would love to see what you make so please do put onto tapestry for us to see!

I have found out that dolphins can sleep whilst they are still swimming slowly next to another animal. A mummy dolphin has to keep moving when her baby dolphin is little as the baby would sink if she stopped for too long! Why do you think bottlenose dolphins sleep with one eye open? Which is the biggest and smallest dolphin? I wonder if you can use items in your house to make a line as long as a dolphin?

This week we are continuing learning about oceans. Today we are thinking about one of my favourite sea creatures – dolphins! Did you know that dolphins will mostly eat fish or squid that they find using echolocation. Rather than using their eyes to look for food the dolphin can make clicks that bounce off different things telling them what is around them! Bottlenose dolphins can make up to a thousand clicking noises per second! Sound is 4 times faster i...n water than air. Like us dolphins like to chat and will communicate using squeaks, whistles and clicks. Perhaps you can find out some more dolphin facts in books, on the computer or tablet. Maybe you would enjoy making dolphin sounds with your family, you could try making sounds and see if someone in your house can copy you and echo back?

Storytime with Ellie - Sharing a Shell
Storytime with Ellie - Sharing a Shell.m[...]
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Why not try this Cosmic Yoga session? Click here to do Cosmic Yoga: Squish the Fish

Hello again everyone, I have some crazy facts about jellyfish that I will leave here for you! I also found out that jellyfish release up to 45,000 eggs a day, that is so many! ? I also had no idea that jellyfish start of their lives growing like plants!

Here are some jellyfish crafts to keep your child busy today, especially if it ends up being another rainy day! If you have time, please add any photos to Tapestry, seeing the children having fun and learning through play and craft at home always brings us joy to read!

Today we are learning all about jellyfish, aren't they weirdly wonderful? We need to make sure we keep our distance from them if we see them washed ashore along the sand as their tentacles will sting us though

Storytime with Zoe - The Snail and the Whale
Storytime with Zoe - The Snail and the W[...]
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Hello everyone, I have some crazy crab facts for you all! If crabs lose a leg they can grow a new one so we can compare that as a similarity that they share with octopuses and starfish! The Japanese crab can also grow to 4m in length!!!!! That is huge!!! Enjoy learning about crabs everyone!

Here are some crab craft activities that you can do with your child if you need a lot of rainy day activities! I even found a Moana Shiny lobster craft too (I know he's a lobster but so many of the children love Moana that I thought that idea would be fun to post too!) Scroll to the last picture to find him! Please put up pictures of your child's crab creations on Tapestry for us to see!

Good morning everybody, today we are learning about the crazy crabs!???? Some crabs live in shells which you can see in the later photographs and these are called hermit crabs. If you:be ever been to the beach you might have seen them scurrying in the wet sand by the shore or hiding underneath rocks in rockpools. Enjoy looking at the pictures of some different crabs together! Well done parents and carers, you're nearly at the weekend, 2 more days! We can do this everyone. ?

Singing with Ellie - Five Little Fishes Swimming in the Sea
Singing with Ellie - Five Little Fishes [...]
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Storytime with Zoe - The Fish Who Cried Shark!
Storytime with Zoe - The Fish Who Cried [...]
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Here are some super fun fish craft activities you can complete with your child today. They all look so fab! If your child has a go at making their own fish today, please put photos up on Tapestry so that we can see what they have been up to!

Good morning everybody, today we are learning about the fish that live in our oceans. I have been blown away at researching them, there are so many different types of beautiful fish and these are just a small selection of the very many that swim in our waters! Have fun looking at the different fish together and talk about the similarities and differences between them all. Create space for your child to voice their comments and thoughts about the fish that they see too. I also put some friends on here from Finding Nemo because the children always love spotting them too! Take care and stay safe, Ellie. ?

Hello everyone, Bethan found this video about an octopus today and wanted to share it with you all. We are going to explore the importance of looking after our oceans next week but this is a good introductory link, highlighting the importance of how we need to pick up our rubbish at the beach and make sure that we don't throw it into the sea. Octo is okay and the human helps him to move to a shell instead of the cup so it turns out okay in the end! Let's make sure we look after our oceans and sea creatures too!

Singing with Ellie - Octopus
Singing with Ellie - Octopus.mp4
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Here are some crazy facts you can learn about octopuses with your child! I have already learnt so much about them yesterday when I was completing my research! I found it fascinating that octopuses like to decorate the homes they live in and that they will even eat their own arm if they get hungry! ? I am very glad that I am not an octopus! What facts about the octopus made your child go wow? You could discuss them with your child as they make their own octopuses out of craft or you can have a look at these posters together when your child is having their snack. Take care and stay safe, Ellie. ?

Here are some octopus crafts you can do with your child today, they look super fun! Don't forget to take pictures of your child creating their own octopus and adding their outcomes they create onto Tapestry. ? Take care and have fun getting creative! Ellie ?

Good morning everybody! Today we are going to learn about the wacky, weird but wonderful octopus! (Children did you spot that the words I used to describe the octopus started with the same sound?!) Have a chat with your child about the different octopuses that you see in the pictures: what colours are they? What patterns, if they have any, are on their bodies? See if they can notice the suckers that are on the underneath sides of the octopuses arms and see if your child can identify their shape! Take care and have a wonderful day everyone, Ellie. ?

Singing with Ellie - The Waves in the Ocean
Singing with Ellie - The Waves in the Oc[...]
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Here is another fun Yoga session for you where you go diving to look for Seahorses - Enjoy!  Click here to watch the video.

This morning we made mosaic seahorses - one of the children used mosaic pieces to create metal that was thrown in the ocean and explained that it had turned rusty! Maybe your child could create their own mosaic seahorse with pieces of paper?! They can talk about the shapes of the mosaic pieces and talk about the different length rectangles they have used to create their seahorse! Don't forget to add your pictures of what ocean crafts your child completes on Tapestry!

Hello everyone, Karen has found the Royal Museums Greenwich website which is offering lots of free online activities and resources that you can do with your child today as it is World Oceans Day! Thanks Karen. Have fun celebrating World Oceans Day everyone! Take care, Ellie ? Click here to access the site.

Learning with Zoe - Ocean and Sea Creatures
Learning with Zoe - Ocean and Sea Creatu[...]
MP4 video/audio file [5.3 MB]

Hello again everyone, here are some activity ideas you could do with your child to carry on with our theme of seahorses! Or if your child creates a seahorse using another form or type of media that is fab too! Please put any of the seahorses your child makes on Tapestry so that we can see what they have been up to! Take care and stay safe, Ellie. ?

Have a look at these pictures of the seahorses with your child and encourage them to make comments about what they can see. You could also ask questions to encourage their thinking and to form ideas. How are the seahorses similar? Do they look different from each other? If so, what differences can they spot? Why do you think they are different colours? Why do two of the seahorses look like they have seaweed on them? Have fun looking at and talking about the pictures, I have found them so fascinating! You could look at some more together on a tablet, iPad, laptop or computer if you want to!

Story Time with Ellie - Tiddler
Story Time with Ellie - Tiddler.mp4
MP4 video/audio file [12.5 MB]
World Oceans Day
One of the Hillside Mums has kindly sent us this link which will give you free access to learning about oceans as it is World Oceans Day on the 8th June! How exciting! If your child is coming to nursery on the 8th June they can dress up in blue if they want to! Equally your child can dress up in blue at home as well, we can celebrate oceans wherever we are! If your child engages with the content from the website do let us know on Tapestry, we would love to see what they get up to to celebrate World Oceans Day! Thanks again to the Hillside Mum for the link. ? Take care everyone, Ellie ?
Oceans Day.jpg
JPG image [53.3 KB]

Hello again everyone, this afternoon we drew turtles with wax crayons and then painted the ocean over the top using water colour paint. If you have crayons and watercolour paint at home, you could do this activity with your child too! Stay safe and take care, Ellie. ?

Story Time with Zoe - Hooray for Fish
Story Time with Zoe - Hooray for[...]
MP4 video/audio file [7.4 MB]

Happy lunch time everyone! Look at the beautiful sea turtles the children made in my bubble this morning! Your child can have a go at making their own sea turtle at home too. You can explore shape work as you model to them how to create the triangle tail, circular shell and oval flippers. Your child can also count the number of milk bottle tops they glue onto their turtle shell too. They can also be really creative with their turtles and paint waves or sand around the edge of they want to! Thanks everyone, Ellie. ?

Here is some interesting information about turtles for you and your child to look at together, including the life cycle of a turtle.  Enjoy!

Singing with Ellie - Tiny Tim the Turtle
Singing with Ellie - Tiny Tim the Turtle[...]
MP4 video/audio file [19.9 MB]

Happy Friday team! I have a super exciting video from Zoe for you all, this is a great activity to do with your child! If you collect some sea creature toys, put them in a tray of water and put it in your freezer over the weekend, your child can then explore rescuing the sea creatures and objects from the ice next week! If you don't have any sea creatures, boats, shells or stones would work too! Our children loved discovering new ways to rescue the animals from ice during our... Antarctica topic and there are so many learning opportunities within this activity too! It's a great way to explore the changing properties of materials as the ice melt. You can talk to your child about using tools safely and carefully to break the ice (good for health and self care); your child can count up the number of shells, sea creatures etc they rescue and your child can also talk about the features of the sea creatures that they retrieve from the ice. It's also just super fun so go and have a wonderful time exploring properties of ice! Thanks for the video Zoe and to your helpers for being brilliant teachers! Take care and stay safe, Ellie

Smashing Ice (safely!) with Zoe
Smashing Ice (safely!) with Zoe.mp4
MP4 video/audio file [8.1 MB]

Here are some more Arts and Crafts ideas for our Ocean topic, made with things you can find around your home:

Interesting Facts about Sharks
Once you've watched Zoe reading the story about the shark, Claude, you may like to learn some interesting facts about sharks!
JPG File [83.6 KB]
Story Time with Zoe - Bored Claude
Reading with Zoe.MP4
MP4 File [50.2 MB]


Hello Norcot Friends and Family! Karen, our Sun Room teacher and SENCO, has sent across some lovely photos and information on ocean life around a reef:

As we are looking at oceans at the moment I thought I would share with you some photographs I took of the Great Barrier Reef when I visited Magnetic Island in Australia. The reef is home to lots of sea animals- including clown fish who I saw but didn’t manage to photograph. I love the blue star fish! On the reef you can see... turtles, sharks, sea snakes, parrot fish, rays and if you are lucky you might spot a dolphin or whale!! This is a link to a short video of the animals on the reef.

I wonder if you can find out more about the animals that live in the sea? Perhaps you can paint some pictures or make some models - don’t forget to show us your work on tapestry!


Due to events that occurred last week it's so important that we help our children understand, respect and celebrate our diversity and equality.  We are all one equal human race together and we need to keep talking to our children about the importance of treating each other equally with compassion, respect and care.  It can be hard to know wherer to begin but just reading books with our children that celebrate diversity can help and may spark discussions where we can talk to our children about the importance of equality.  Please see the books below.  Some of these books can be found on YouTube so if you want to have a look for some on the site you can find them there too.  Read through the books or watch the YouTube stories on your own or with your partner first so that you know what the content holds and can think about what conversations arise from the book.  If we all do our bit, step by step, we can nurture our children to grow and live in a world where everyone is treated equally with compassion, kindness and respect - which is how it should be. 

Jolly Phonics with Zoe
Jolly Phonics.MP4
MP4 File [54.0 MB]

Below you will see some ideas for crafts based around our topic this week - Oceans.  Why not have a go at making a play dough mermaid tail or a shiny foil fish?  There is also an idea for a counting game using numbered shells and pegs to match the number (You can use something else as counters if you don't have pegs).

Home Learning - Oceans
Home Learning - Oceans.pdf
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Planning Oceans - Week 1
Planning Oceans - Week 1.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [500.5 KB]
Planning Oceans - Week 2
Planning Oceans - Week 2.pdf
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Oceans Song List
Oceans Song List.pdf
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