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Home Learning Week 18

We'd love to see which activities you've tried and what you've been up to - don't forget to upload your photos and videos to Tapestry!

Home Learning Week 18
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Painting with Rukni
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We love to dance and sing at nursery. Here is the lovely Zoe with one of the songs we like to move to at nursery. It is called "Shake your sillies out" and is by The Learning Station. You can find the original song on you tube too
Have fun everyone!

Singing with Zoe - Shake Your Sillies Out
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One of my favourite stories we have done at nursery is Jack and the beanstalk. My children have been busy building the story out of lego with me for you to enjoy. I hope you like it. Can you remember the story? Why do you think Jack's mum was cross when he sold the cow for magic beans? How many magic beans did Jack count? Perhaps you can tell your own story in lego too?

We are nearing the end of term. For these last two days we are thinking about the things we have enjoyed the most at nursery. Why not look through your tapestry observations and see what your best memories were. If you are new to nursery why not begin those memories and upload some of the fun things you are trying at home?
Don’t forget if you are leaving nursery your tapestry account will close over the summer, so please do download or print off your child’s journal so you have a record of all the fun they have had at nursery!
What are your favourite moments? What do you like best at nursery? What do you remember about our different topics? Have a lovely day everyone!

Learning about emotions with Zoe
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Happy Friday! Today we are thinking about being in class. In nursery and in new schools you will have an adult or adults in your class who will work with you and help you when you need it. Your teachers will be very excited to see you and will want to know all about you. The classrooms in nursery have lots of things for you to do and explore and you have lots of time outside learning too. In school this will be similar, you will still have lots of fun learning and developing your skills. You might have new things like assembly time, PE sessions and playtime. If you are worried about anything your teachers can help you.
Perhaps you would like to set up a pretend school at home? You can set up different toys to play with, books to read and maybe some writing and mark making activities? You could even decide what your uniform would look like! Perhaps you could teach your toys and remind them that at nursery and school we always try to do good listening, good looking and to be kind.

Reading with Zoe - Spot Goes to School
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You might enjoy singing some getting dressed songs. There are lots on You Tube. Once you know the tune you could use at home as you get dressed and get your child to name each item as they put them on.
(This video does call trousers pants, but the tune is very simple to learn)

Check out the Super Simple App for iOS! ► It's time to get dressed! Learn to put on your clothes with this super fun kids song, This ...

Today we are focusing on getting dressed/getting changed. At nursery we work hard on learning to put on our own coats and shoes. We enjoy dressing up for role play and we learn how to manage our own clothes to go to the toilet. The children moving to school may have to get changed for PE sessions. It is great to practice these skills at home. Remember, taking clothes off is often easier than putting on. If your child is struggling get them to help with parts of the dressing/undressing at first and slowly increase what they do for themselves. You might like to encourage dressing teddies or dolls too to build their skills and learn how to manage fastenings.

Storytime with Ellie - Harry and the Dinosaurs go to School
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Zoe has sent over some ideas for healthy lunch boxes. Don't forget to name your lunch box so everybody knows it belongs to you! It is a good idea to use an ice pack or cool packs to keep food cool and fresh whilst it is waiting to be eaten.

Lunch times! Lunch at nursery is normally a fun packed lunch from home, unless you are in waterside where you all have a lovely hot meal. For some children staying for lunch will be a new experience in their new school. You might have a choice of hot school dinners or bringing your own food in a lunch box. Have a think about what you might put in a lunch box for school? Remember these should be healthy lunch boxes with a balance of foods. You might like to talk about what...

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Good morning everyone! Today we are thinking about food at school. At nursery we have a snack in the morning and this will be similar in your new schools where you will have fruit and healthy options to enjoy with your friends. At nursery we like to encourage you to help get snack ready. We need to wash our hands very carefully (you might like to re-watch Zoe’s hand washing video to remind you). With clean hands we chop our fruit and vegetables on a chopping board with children’s knives. You might want to try helping get a healthy snack ready at home today!

Crossing the Road with Zoe and Joshua
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Phonics with Zoe - M and G
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It is very important to take care on the route to school. Remember to hold hands near roads. Be aware of driveways or hidden entrances where cars may pull onto a path. Encourage your child to walk on the side of the path away from traffic – adults can be seen more easily than children. Talk about people who can help you when you are walking to school. This can be the trusted adult who is travelling with your child, a lollipop man or lady, or people like police officers. Why not watch the hedgehog video and talk about being safe when walking outside.

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Happy Tuesday everyone. We are continuing to think about starting school and keeping safe. Today we are thinking about our routes to school. How will you be getting to your school; will it be on the bus, in the car, walking, cycling or some other way? It is a good idea to practice the route together and talk about where you are going to be in September. You might like to draw a map of your route and think about what landmarks you might see?

Singing Time with Ellie - The End of Term Song
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Story Time with Zoe - Starting School
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Things to try at home.
Look at the new clothes for your school. Can you see your school name on the clothes? Try on your new clothes. How do they feel? Look in the mirror and see how smart you look! Can you put your clothes on by yourself? Practice the fastenings – buttons and zips can be hard at first.

We are nearing the end of term and many of our children will be starting a new adventure and moving to their new schools in September. We will also be welcoming lots of new children to the Norcot family. For the last week of term we are learning about starting school and keeping ourselves safe. The final two days will be reflecting on things we have enjoyed in prior learning.
Today we are thinking about uniform! At Norcot we have colourful jumpers and T-shirts. This tells everyone you are part of our school. When you go to school you will have special clothes to wear, this is called a uniform. It might be a bit different to the clothes you are used to wearing, but it is okay. Your new friends will all wear uniform that looks like yours when they are in school.
I found this fun video on You Tube and thought you might all enjoy singing along! I wonder if you could make up your own Amazon A B C thinking about all the rainforest things we have been learning about!

Award-winning author and musician Johnette Downing invites children of all ages to go wild in the rainforest with dozens of exotic animals in this colorful t...

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