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Our Aims


  • To create opportunities for children to flourish academically as well as to form their good character.
  • To build children's confidence, resilience and knowledge.
  • To have high aspirations for children and help them to prepare to achieve their very best.
  • To develop values that will impact positively on children's lives and those of others and help them to make a better world.
  • To develop responsible and respectful citizens.
  • To work in close relationship with families and value their support.
  • To help children build and sustain strong relationships.
  • To promote British values.
  • To offer an exciting, broad, knowledge rich, balanced curriculum with reference to the guidance provided in the Early Years Foundation Stage.
  • To provide understanding and supportive pastoral care.
  • To maintain high standards of behaviour and expectations.
  • To ensure equality of opportunities.
  • To be forward looking and ambitious.
  • To develop lively enquiring minds and an enthusiasm for learning.
  • To recognise children as individuals and build upon their successes.
  • To enable children to feel valued and respected so that they become confident and secure.
  • To encourage children to seek help in the understanding that overcoming difficulties is part of the learning process.
  • To develop, through example and explanation, a sense of responsibility, self-discipline and respect for one another, the Centre and the community.
  • To encourage aesthetic and spiritual awareness.
  • To ensure that children, staff, parents, governors and the community feel a sense of belonging and ownership and take a pride in the Centre.


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