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Governors are responsible for overseeing the management side of a school: strategy, policy, budgeting and staffing.  They enable their school to run as effectively as possible, working alongside senior leaders and supporting teachers to provide excellent education to children.  Governors should be:

  • prepared and equipped to take their responsibilities seriously
  • acknowledged as the accountable body
  • supported by the appropriate authority (Reading Borough Council) in their task.


Governing bodies have considerable freedom regarding the delegation of work to committees or individuals and at Norcot we have three committees:


  • Full Governing Body
  • Finance & Premises
  • Curriculum and Personnel


We carefully consider the tasks to be undertaken before making decisions on the delegation of responsibilities and we keep their working practices under review.  The various committees meet at least once a term.


Governors are not asked to be, nor should they be, involved in day to day management, although they are able to and do monitor the work of the school.  The Governing Body concentrates on matters relating to strategy and school effectiveness by:


  • setting suitable aims and objectives
  • agreeing policies, targets and priorities
  • monitoring and renewing the above, ensuring that the policies, targets and priorities are being achieved.


OFSTED, during their inspections, expect to see evidence that the role of the Governing Body is being fulfilled.



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